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So... I hit 15 watchers... this is honestly incredible. Thank you guys so much for watching me. I hope to one of these days put in a drawing in celebration of reaching both 15 watchers and 12,500 page views. 

So today I want to go ahead and find out what is my favorite Pokemon from each generation and see if I can find my all-time favorite.
Oh boy, so these are going to be my rules:
1. The goal is to make a 6 Pokemon team for each generation of Pokemon.
2. You can add starters, babies, secondaries, and fully evolved Pokemon.
3. Try not to include any legendary Pokemon(if you want to add a legendary you're allowed to pick one, don't do three or more legendaries, or you can add them to the side in each gen).
4. Optional, try to pick a Pokemon with different typing(Basically try to have some variety of typing).

Alright, I think that's pretty good let's get started:

Gen 1:
Pidgeot, Ninetails, Nidoqueen, Lapras, Jolteon, Dragonite
Fav. Legendary: Articuno
Gen 2: 
Typhlosion, Ampharos(Mega), Miltank, Kingdra, Heracross, Tyranitar
Fav. Legendaries: Suicune, Lugia
Gen 3:
Sceptile(Mega), Flygon, Breloom, Altaria(Mega), Salamence(Mega), Milotic
Fav. Legendary: Rayquaza
Gen 4:
Empoleon, Staraptor, Luxray, Floatzel, Garchomp, Lucario
Fav. Legendaries: Cresselia, Giratina, Arceus
Gen 5:
Serperior, Scolipede, Lilligant, Zoroark, Haxorus, Hydreigon
Fav. Legendaries: Reshiram, Virizion
Gen 6:
Delphox, Florges, Heliolisk, Noivern, Aurorus, Goodra
Fav. Legendary: Yveltal
Gen 7:
Primarina, Decidueye, Lycanroc, Lurantis, Salazzle, Kommo-o
Fav. Legendaries: Silvally, Lunala
Fav. Ultra Beast: Phermosa

So, I can't come up with my all-time favorite. The two Pokemon that I would pick as my favorites of all-time would be Lugia and Reshiram. Lugia was the Pokemon I always thought of when someone mentions Pokemon, while Reshiram was the one that got me interested in doing the games. I didn't play the main-core games until Gen 6. And my luck recently in Pokemon Go has gone up really well.

Other than that, I'm sick and I need to study for a test Tuesday. So, I'll stop here.

Thanks for reading, and I'll hope to hear your guys' opinions on my list.

Hi-Hi Cutie Emote + PLZ Bubye! 


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Everyone, stop buying games from EA, it's not worth it because of the s****y micro-transactions. Please don't spend more money on a game that you already bought for $60. This kind of stuff should have stayed in mobile games, like Pokemon GO. At least you don't have to spend anything when you download it, and you don't even need to spend much money on coins, you can get coins from defending gyms for a certain amount of time. 
To all of the gaming companies who put micro-transactions in their AAA games, stop doing it, stop being f*****g greedy.
Man, I need to just keep myself from the internet for a while. The news on the internet IS DEPRESSING AS *#$%! Thanks for causing a giant mess Trump.
Confused Galaxy :shuffelin: Well, I just found a meme song that I enjoy and should just relax to.
Happy Halloween everybody! You have fun, while I'm stuck in my dorm crying and eating Tootsie Rolls!
Well, I just learned that my neighbor's dog just past away last week.:( (Sad)  I'm a little sad, but I'm very happy that I got to see him before I left town to attend school.Nod  So, yeah just know that having pets in your life can really help teach you stuff.

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